The Electric Bookshop @ Canongate Festival Pop-up Shop

Sunday 21 August · 18:00 – 20:00

Canongate Festival Pop-Up Shop,

20 Queensferry Street, EH2 4QW
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Electric Bookshop is holding a special festival tweet-up salon for all those with a professional and personal interest in the future of books.

As well as being THE place to meet and mingle with book futurists from Edinburgh and beyond, we will be hearing from those at the forefront of innovation and with exciting new projects to share.

Where is the written word going? What is the future of literature, poetry and the written word? What will happen to libraries, schools and bookshops? Who are the new professionals in the world of books and what impact will they have?

This event is recommended for:

Published writers, unpublished writers, poets, novelists, app developers, games developers, big publishers, small publishers, readers, illustrators, curious people and nosey parkers.

This event is not recommended for:

Dinosaurs, people looking for a quiet place to have a nap.

Supported by Jura Whisky.

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