Hologram heads, fan fiction and the Google monocle – Electric Bookshop Workshop 9.07.13

Electric Bookshop workshop
As part of our development work for Pressed for Time, Electric Bookshop held a creative workshop at Inspace to explore issues around reading, books and publishing and crowdsource some creativity from our brilliant participants.

The workshop comprised 3 sections (and pizza) and was lubricated by some very cold and refreshing gin and tonics in beakers.

Electric Bookshop workshop

Through a series of fun activities, our participants came up with charts to plot to life of a reader through different time periods, made some creative prototypes for new book formats and invented the new publishing houses of the future, with inspiring, zany and imaginative results.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcomes and everyone had a lot of fun in the process.

The ideas and creations of our participants will be used in Pressed for Time, our Alt-W funded installation. Ideas ranged from a publishing house run by the holographic head of Marie Antoinette, to a new mode of reading that allows you to read two books at once.

There was simply too much fascinating stuff to fit into a manageable-sized blog post, but here are just a few of the highlights and we’ll be sharing more in the coming months.

Electric Bookshop workshop

Electric Bookshop workshop Some new book format prototypes, including the ‘google monocle’, a way to use Google glass, for the ‘learned look’, a fashion-statement reading hat, to show off what you are reading on your Kindle at the moment and a tactile book with an internal smart ‘field’ that you can place your hand on for tactile experiences whilst reading.

Electric Bookshop workshop

Jon explains his group’s prototype book of the future called Fan Fiction, which employs cutting-edge technology to keep the text displayed on the fan steady as you fan yourself with it.

Electric Bookshop workshop

A book which allows you to choose your story using sliding text for multiple narrative possibilities!

Electric Bookshop workshopElectric Bookshop workshopElectric Bookshop workshop

Our marvellous participants charting the real and fictional life of the reader through the ages.

You can view a full slideshow of the photos from the workshop – taken by Electric Bookshop’s best friend Chrisdonia – here. 

We’d like to thank our brilliant participants for coming along and applying their sharp and creative minds to the future of the book.

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