4th Birthday Party Guests: Alan Trotter


We’ll be welcoming Alan Trotter along as a guest speaker at our birthday party – what will he be talking about? All manner of interesting things. Alan says:

“There exists a long tradition of authors, from Laurence Sterne to B.S. Johnson to Alasdair Gray, whose fiction resists disembodiment: it makes deliberate, creative use of its form and could not be transposed to another form without being substantially, meaningfully altered.
Looking at this tradition can help us understand the fundamental differences between printed text and text on the screen, and can lead to new ideas about what electronic literature can be. I’m going to be talking about this play with form and some of my own digital stories and experiments. ”

Coming to the event? RSVP via Eventbrite – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/electric-bookshop-4th-birthday-party-tickets-13524952497

Alan Trotter is a writer from Aberdeen. He has previously won the Sceptre Prize for emerging writers and been published by people like McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and New Writing Scotland. Recently he completed the first draft of Muscle, a novel. He is in the final stages of an AHRC-funded PhD at the University of Glasgow and his website is more interesting than you might expect. http://greaterthanorequalto.net

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